5 Reasons to Take Up Bodyweight Training

Some strength training fitness gurus scoff at bodyweight training, but the fact is it has several benefits, including increasing flexibility, strength and balance – all which can be challenges as one grows older. Many people feel it can be a waste of time – it is actually the opposite!

Here are 5 reasons why you should take up bodyweight training if you are not doing it already (or should I say, if you are not doing it yet!):

Super-efficient workout

Because no equipment is required, it is easy to quickly switch from one exercise to another making it a type of circuit training. If doing a HIIT workout, this means more exercising in a given amount of time. The result: increased fitness level in a shorter amount of time.

Burns fat fast

Circuit training, using just bodyweight exercises, burns fat fast by increasing your metabolism. And you’ll keep burning fat at a higher level due to the “afterburn” effect which can last from 16 to 24 hours post-workout. Just ensure you offset it with a healthy diet.


Regardless of your fitness level, bodyweight training can challenge you. Take shorter breaks between exercises, do more reps, modify the exercise to make it more difficult, such as a wide-hand push-up – all challenge you more physically. The changes you can make are endless. If you want to add dumbbells to your program, you can make lunges, squats and other exercises very challenging.

Requires no equipment

As noted above, one of the ways to make a bodyweight exercise more challenging is to add weight, but it is not necessary. One of the appealing factors about bodyweight exercises is no equipment is required. That makes it a great travel companion as you can do them virtually anywhere. It also cuts down on the number of excuses you can use to avoid working out. Not having the equipment will not be one of them anymore.

One of the reasons we exercise is to see results. Regardless if we want to lose weight, increase muscle mass, get stronger, have more flexibility or increase balance, we do it to see some fruits from our efforts. Bodyweight training provides results, and in many cases, in a shorter amount of time than other fitness routines.

For all the reasons listed in this article and more, bodyweight training is something you should have in your workout program. And don’t forget that Pilates and yoga are two more forms of bodyweight training giving you even more variety to your exercise program.

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