Body Sculpting through Core Strengthening

You are likely to be doing a lot of targeted exercises in getting ready for that swimsuit body. You are probably doing whatever you can do to lose a few pounds, before you squeeze yourself into that swimsuit. People are so caught up on doing crunches or lifting weights, that they completely miss out on things that play a huge factor in getting that swimsuit bod. That factor is the importance of core strengthening.

What is the Core?

The group of muscles running down the center of your body is called the core muscles. These muscles include your pelvis, your back muscles, and your abdominal muscles. The core muscles contribute to your overall strength and balance.

How does Core Strengthening Help?

Basically, core strength plays a major role in our daily activities like lifting your groceries or vacuuming your house. The center of balance and strength for almost everything is your core, especially when it comes to getting in shape and working out.

How does One Strengthen their Core?

The best way to get your core in shape is doing the core strengthening exercises. Not only will these exercises help you improve your core strength, but they will also help you tone your abdominal muscles, your thighs, your butt, and your back muscles so you can make bigger strides toward your summer fitness goals. Even better, these exercises do not require a gym membership because they all can be done from home.

Exercises for Your Core:

1. Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are aimed toward building a healthy and strong core. Yoga and Pilates lessons are usually found online, on DVD, or even from books and magazines. These exercises are easy to do since you can do it from home and not any sort of equipment is required.

2. Planking

Although planking might be difficult in the beginning, as you progress over time, you will find it easier since your core strength also improves during the time being. Planking is good for the whole body, from your legs all the way up to your arms. It is actually recommended over crunches as a better exercise for your abs.

3. Balance Ball

When doing certain exercises, a balance ball helps you to focus on your core muscles. Using a balance ball can help you in doing push-ups, crunches and more. Even just by simply sitting on a balance ball helps you strengthen your core muscles.

4. V-sit

Sit on the floor with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. Lean back 45 degress and hold your arms straight out beside you. Using your core to keep yourself stable, slowly lift your feet off the floor. Extend your legs out so it looks like your body is forming a ā€œVā€. Using your extended arms to help steady your balance, hold this position as long as possible.

5. Tucks

The starting position is the same with the v-sit. Lean back 45 degress and hold your arms out straight out beside you. Just like in v-sit, extend your legs out, but then bring them back to your body. Do not let your legs rest on the floor. Repeat this ten times, then rest, and then repeat.

6. Bicycles

With your hands behind your ears, starting a crunch position, let your elbow reach the opposite knee, and extend the other leg out. Repeat this motion. Alternate sides, and work your legs as if you are riding a bicycle. Continue this for at least 30 seconds before resting and then repeating.

Core strengthening is the start of great workouts and a great body. If you desire to get fit and toned for summer, core exercises can get the job done.

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