Exercising for the joy of it

In the mid 1990’s I was a weekend biathlete and an avid reader of Triathlete Magazine. One of the worlds top Triathletes at the time, Scott Tinley, wrote a monthly column and one that stands out to me began with the title “Running For the Fun of it”. In that article he pictured a young youth running with a smile on their face.  In my attempt to recollect that article, Scott wrote that he was running down midwestern road one afternoon when a police officer pulled over and inquired if  was ok. Scott replied that he was and the officer respectively asked where was he running and why? His response was nowhere, I’m running just to run. Scott reflected back to his youth and asked whatever happened to being active, to run just for the sake of running ?

Often times we begin (or continue) our fitness journey because of a compelling event. I need to get in shape, I need to lower my cholesterol, I’d like to improve my physique for myself (or partner) or in my case, get stronger for an upcoming competition.

But when was the last time we went to the gym, ran, walked, played soccer for the absolute joy of it? No personal records to hit, no games to win, no time to beat but just to be, to be in the present.

I recently reached out to Scott to inquire on getting a copy of that article to reference on my blog and to my surprise, he responded “I vaguely remember the piece but have no real way of tracking it down as most of those pieces were penned on airplane cocktail napkins at 30k feet with no e-back-up. I’m glad that you followed your passion and trust you are happy”.

In my note to ST I finished with “I still remember that article, you made a positive, permanent impression on me”.

Thank you Scott

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