Encouraging Good Nutritional Habits

By Jeff Hazard | December 12, 2018

When a new client comes into Elevation Fitness, especially one that is ready to begin a fitness journey, the subject of Nutrition is always part of the initial consultation. Typically, these folks are reluctant to make dramatic changes to their lifestyle and more importantly, their eating habits. I have one client who brews his own…

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Elevation Fitness and Health in the news

By Jeff Hazard | November 6, 2018

Elevation Fitness and Health opens in Flemington Alexander Lewis, Bridgewater Courier News Published 10:00 a.m. ET Oct. 28, 2018 New fitness facility, Elevation Fitness and Health opens in Flemington, focuses on one-on-one training. FLEMINGTON – Following his dream, Bridgewater resident Jeff Hazard has opened Elevation Fitness and Health at 30 Royal Road. “If you do…

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Exercising for the joy of it

By Jeff Hazard | August 27, 2018

In the mid 1990’s I was a weekend biathlete and an avid reader of Triathlete Magazine. One of the worlds top Triathletes at the time, Scott Tinley, wrote a monthly column and one that stands out to me began with the title “Running For the Fun of it”. In that article he pictured a young youth running with…

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5 Ways to Develop Your Flexibility And Be Fit At The Same Time

By Jeff Hazard | May 21, 2018

Every one’s main focus is always on the idea to be fit. Very few of us concentrate on flexibility, and this is an extremely important aspect of fitness in general. The more flexible you are, the healthier and fitter you will be throughout your life, particularly when you get older. Here are some quick and…

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Reasons Why You Feel Really Tired After A Workout

By Jeff Hazard | May 14, 2018

  Have you ever had that feeling where you were completely spent and extremely drained? If yes, then these are the probable reasons of that jaded feeling. Not warming up or cooling down When exercising, a lot of things are happening in your body. Your muscles and organs being worked are calling for more oxygen.…

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5 Reasons to Take Up Bodyweight Training

By Jeff Hazard | May 7, 2018

Some strength training fitness gurus scoff at bodyweight training, but the fact is it has several benefits, including increasing flexibility, strength and balance – all which can be challenges as one grows older. Many people feel it can be a waste of time – it is actually the opposite! Here are 5 reasons why you…

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