3 Benefits of Working Out in Cold Weather

By Jeff Hazard | April 28, 2018

When it gets cold out… I mean really cold out, I like being all snuggled up in bed. Sometimes, I don’t like the idea of going outside and working out. Getting out of a nice and cozy warm bed to go outside and exercise when it is freezing cold may not be your idea of…

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Can Exercise Make You More Productive?

By Jeff Hazard | April 21, 2018

Recent research suggests that yes, exercising not only can make you more productive, but also more energetic, smarter and happier. But how does it work? As we age, our body generates fewer and fewer brain cells through a process called neurogenesis. Old cells die off, but are not replaced on a one-for-one basis. The research,…

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Body Sculpting through Core Strengthening

By Jeff Hazard | April 14, 2018

You are likely to be doing a lot of targeted exercises in getting ready for that swimsuit body. You are probably doing whatever you can do to lose a few pounds, before you squeeze yourself into that swimsuit. People are so caught up on doing crunches or lifting weights, that they completely miss out on…

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Why Exercise Cannot Compensate for Poor Lifestyle Choices

By Jeff Hazard | April 7, 2018

You have been working out for you to lose weight, but you aren’t getting the outcome that you expected. You have no idea what’s up. You have followed all the tips and techniques on exercising but you simply cannot keep your weight constant and you continue to miss your target body build. Take a minute…

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5 Surprisingly Common Mistakes Women Make in Fitness Training

By Jeff Hazard | April 1, 2018

When a woman takes over her self-consciousness and decides to do something with it, most of the time they flourish. They take on the training that aims to keep their mind and body in shape. Although their drive to become a better version of themselves may have flaws, and can cause trouble in the long…

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5 Tips for Preventing Running Injuries

By Jeff Hazard | March 28, 2018

As the weather starts to warm up, more people are finding themselves outdoors and running. Whether done professionally or for fitness purposes, running, like all forms of exercising, comes with the risk of injury. This risk becomes even greater if you have weak muscles, follow an inadequate training plan, overlook safety, or take on too…

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